Sophie Cook

Not today : How I chose life

Not Today: How I chose life

Former Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate, TV Presenter, RAF veteran, writer, speaker, photographer, self harm and suicide survivor… and transgender


Sophie Cook is a media personality and activist whose wide portfolio of work includes presenting, producing, writing and photography.


She became the first transgender woman to work in football’s Premier League as club photographer for AFC Bournemouth following her transition from Steve to Sophie in the summer of 2015.


Europe’s first trans TV newscaster, Sophie has hosted her own TV and radio chat shows and is an experienced broadcaster.


In April 2017 she was selected by the Labour Party to contest the East Worthing & Shoreham seat, increasing the Labour vote by 114% and narrowly missing out on becoming the UK’s first trans MP.


Sophie is an in-demand public speaker, delivering keynote talks on change, fear, vulnerability, diversity, mental health and LGBT workshops for high profile organisations such as the JP Morgan, Virgin Media, Asda and Stonewall.


Sophie’s autobiography ’Not Today: How I chose life’ which charts her personal journey from despair to redemption and acts as a self help book for anyone struggling with their mental health and identity is out now.