GE2019 — Finding the right path

Our political system is broken. The first past the post system dominated by the two major parties ensures that millions of people all over the country feel that their vote is pointless due to living in a “safe” seat and many millions more feel that nothing changes no matter which party is in power.

Brexit has torn our country apart, dividing political parties, communities and even families while normalising abuse and hatred. Political debate has been replaced by name calling, threats and character assassination.

It’s a cliche that politics is a nasty environment but until you have been inside that world you have no idea just how vitriolic it can get and at this election record numbers of female MPs are stepping down due to unacceptable levels of abuse.

I, like many, felt that politics and politicians didn’t speak for me so I tried to change that, first in the Labour Party and then as an independent candidate.
I stood to try to make a difference, to give constituents a positive alternative. Not the anti-this or stop-that vote but an opportunity to actually vote for something that they believed in for a change.

Away from politics I spend my time helping people, by speaking out about mental health, prejudice and hate crime. I know from the feedback that I receive for this work that I am making a difference to people’s lives.

Since I announced my candidacy at this election I have been subjected to abuse and harassment to such an extent that it has affected my ability to help people through my speaking work and, on a personal level, begun to affect my own mental health that I have put so much work into improving.

All that I have ever wanted to achieve through my involvement in politics was to help people, to give a voice to those that felt that they were unheard or ignored by the political establishment but ultimately I must look at where I can best help those in need.

It is with that in mind that I am stepping down as a candidate from this election, not because I am scared of the abuse but because I am ready to continue working to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Very few people have the opportunity to change the world with a single act but we can all make a difference every single day, incrementally, with small acts of kindness and support for others, sometimes we just need to find the right path to make that difference.

6 thoughts on “GE2019 — Finding the right path

  1. Tony Nicklen says:

    Hi Sophie, so sorry to hear you have been subject to harassment and abuse from your former friends in the Labour Party. This is something we in the Conservative party have been subject to by many local Labour Party activists using unspeakable language and threats. They seem to think this is OK after John MacDonald repeated the call to Lynch Ester Mcveigh. The use of such toxic language is partially to blame for the tragic death of Jo Cox some two years later as people see it as an excuse to take extreme actions as Jeremy Corbyn continues to use the politics of protest tactics that has peppered his political career.
    I’m sad there is so much violent language and pray for moderation to prevail. I’m also sad that your moderate voice for socialism is silenced somewhat by the threats made to you but understand completely how this has badly affected your sense of well-being and how you feel this is right for you to withdraw from the election.
    Please continue your work helping others.

  2. Helen says:

    Sophie, I was in awe of your work against Tim Loughton in 2017 and had such high hopes that you would be the one to knock him of his throne. I must admit when I saw you running for this election I was both thrilled that you had become independent and at the same time, my heart sank. I am a proud remainer. I want my children to wander across europe and enjoy life’s rich diversity without boundaries and this election feels like the final throws of this sentence being issued. Its tactical all the way now and whilst its a shame that such a talented candidate as yourself is forfeiting her place in the race, Im hugely grateful that you have given the voters a stronger change to oust this weasel. Please dont give up on us for once this election is out the way, I support you 100%

  3. Rachael says:

    I’m really sorry you are stepping down, you are on my ballot paper, and I’ve come here to read a little more on you before I voted.

  4. Tania Oglieve says:

    It is tragic that the country is in this position at the moment, you had courage in making your decision and you have been such an inspiration and will continue to be in your work outside politics. Wishing you well in all you do.

  5. Debra says:

    So very sorry that you have suffered this abuse. Please know that these people do not represent the majority. It is a shame that you feel unable to stand but your mental health must take priority. Wishing you well in your work and happiness in your personal life.

  6. Gaz says:

    Hi Sophie, sad to hear that you are standing down. I was re searching my local candidates and finally found somebody who represents my feeling in politics and the government these days. I wish you all the best in what you set out to do


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