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Not today : How I chose life


I am very proud to have support in my work to raise mental health, LGBT and particularly Trans awareness from these amazing businesses.


Velvet Pigmentation Clinic

Who doesn’t want to look gorgeous and air-brushed 24/7? Unfortunately because of a hectic lifestyle, lack of know-how around make-up application, poor eye sight and co-ordination, many women have to step out looking less than perfect. Facial sebum and even weather can also play truant ruining a perfect look.

If you feel your make-up never gives you the definition and glamour that you would like it to, then a semi-permanent feature enhancement session may be the right choice for you.

Frequently known as semi-permanent make-up, it involves depositing 100% natural pigments on the epidermal layer of the skin with sterile delicate applicators especially created for fine facial work.


Pride Shoes

Assembled by an exceptional team with top-quality materials and a 100% Spanish production, to bring you the most exclusive trainers on the market.


Brighton Make Up School

Brighton Make up School is an elite training school located in Brighton, East Sussex. The School is modern and well decorated offering a comfortable and attractive training environment.

We provide thorough and quality training and courses for new Make up Artists and Hair Artists. With a full range of course from beginner to advance, we offer training for any stage of their career. Each course is formally planned and constructed to ensure quality learning. Each class is relaxed, allowing maximum learning in a comfortable and fun environment.