Passionate about Mental Health, Diversity & Inclusion because Together Anything Is Possible


Poignant and heart-rending, yet at the same time inspiring and uplifting, Sophie’s speeches trace a journey from private torment to personal triumph. Told with honesty, candour, warmth and intimacy she explores the mindset of a transgender woman. Outlining the huge emotional and social toll of gender dysphoria and chronicling a voyage towards truth, validation and authenticity.

Sophie’s compelling story portrays the fragility and fortitude of human emotions, demonstrating how – by conquering fear and summoning strength – a person is capable of making the progression from loathing themselves to loving themselves.

With clarity, credibility and insight – and by drawing upon her personal experiences – Sophie scrutinises a variety of contemporary issues, from prejudice and discrimination to mental health and resilience.

Through her speeches, Sophie aims to broaden listeners’ minds, expand their knowledge and shed new light on the way that we all think and behave. Sophie’s tale resonates with people across the generations who appreciate an honest, uplifting and inspirational story.

That being said, Sophie is keen that her work is framed, but not defined, by her transgender journey. Sophie’s storytelling is unashamedly frank and forthright, and her wry, self-deprecating brand of humour lightens even the bleakest moments. This is the story of an extraordinary life, communicated by a voice that deserves to be heard.

Sophie Cook is an in-demand public speaker, delivering keynote talks and LGBT workshops internationally for high profile organisations such as the TUC, Kick It Out, JP Morgan, Virgin Media and Stonewall and in 2018 gave a TEDx Brighton talk to a sell out 1500 crowd that prompted one audience member to write “I laughed, I cried, I had snot running down my face”.


“I can honestly say that watching you speak changed me as a person. I came away wanting to enlighten other people as much as I could about the subject and I have since embarked on a quest to raise awareness, not just in the workplace, but down the pub and within my family and group of friends. Anyone who hasn’t seen you speak won’t have the benefit of that experience but I suppose I just wanted you to know that I changed last week, thanks to you. Thanks!”
Angela Melia, Head of Human Resources, Stewarts

“Sophie is a passionate, articulate, witty speaker on mental health and wellbeing. She is confident, forthright and knowledgeable. She brings a mix of her personal history alongside an admirable political awareness to inform, spark debate and raise awareness. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a speaker for any event.”
Helen Jones, CEO, MindOut

“Sophie Cook is an inspiration. As a speaker she has the ability of telling her story openly, honestly and with a balance of grace and humour. As well as sharing her journey of coming out as a trans woman in the male dominated world of football to challenging a Tory ‘safe seat’ in the 2017 general election – Sophie also talks candidly about her ongoing battles with mental health and feelings of suicide. Sophie’s story is a human story and one that should be heard.”
Daniel Cheesman, CEO, Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard

“Sophie captivated the audience right from the start with her passionate, funny and often emotional talk. Sophie spoke honestly about her personal battle with mental health and her inspirational story of coming out as a trans woman.”
Philippa Thompson, Chief Executive, Sussex Oakleaf

“I was delighted you could join us for the closing panel at the Rainbow Laces Summit and share your story and experiences as a role model with leaders from across sport on the day. Your honest and articulate contribution really brought to life the personal impact of not feeling welcome or accepted whatever your role in sport, and how much of a difference vocal support and an open culture can make to being yourself.”
Ruth Hunt, Chief Executive, Stonewall

● ‘Sharp and witty delivery.’
● ‘Sophie Cook – insight and honesty.’
● ‘Very engaging, very candid. Really enjoyed her talk.’
● ‘Honest, often brutally, poignant and yes sad – Inspirational.’
● ‘Sophie Cook – delivered with humour and most importantly with impact – very informative
and enjoyable.’

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