Drop the bullshit, guilt and shame to show up in life as your 100% authentic self

Do you love yourself unconditionally or are you your own worst critic?

Do you have negative patterns of behaviour and thought that hold you back?

Do you struggle to embrace change and control fear?

“After a bad encounter at work, I was made to feel small, worthless and powerless. Sophie helped me realise that the only person that is letting the bullies win is ME!

I am important, and I can take control over my own thoughts and life. I need to keep that in my head, and heart.”

Sophie can help with:
  • Finding your authentic voice
  • Overcoming fear and embracing change
  • Reframing your internal dialogue
  • Breaking the pattern of shame and guilt
  • Ending self sabotage
  • Rejecting victimhood and embracing forgiveness
  • What you can control and what you can’t
  • Owning your vulnerability
  • Unleashing your inner strength
  • And so much more…

Sophie is a highly trained, professional coach certified through ICF-accredited Awaken Coach Institute where she truly learned the power of courageous conversations and brave space. Sophie is an open, empathic listener and her ability to ask the difficult questions in a coaching session allow her clients to deep dive to the root causes of the issues that affect their daily lives.

Through her own experience Sophie knows how vulnerability, guilt, shame and negative beliefs can hold you back in life and because she truly believes in the ability of coaching to make a difference she is prepared to offer a special 45 minute trial session at the introductory price of just £50.

  • “You create a wonderful presence for people to show up authentically. Bravery drives bravery.”
  • “You are fully imparting wisdom through your patience and curiosity.”
  • “Beautiful presence that creates trust and safety so easily.”
  • “Your presence as a coach makes your client feel like a hero — truly seen.”
  • “Grateful for your pure love and humanity during coaching.”
  • “So real and natural, Sophie actively listens. Got me to verbalise my thoughts and I now have a plan!”

Sophie’s autobiography ’Not Today: How I Chose Life’ which charts her personal journey from despair to redemption and acts as a self help book for anyone out of touch with their authentic selves and struggling with their mental health is out now from